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Arencibia Associates uses its innovative portfolio of process waste recovery and core production systems to support top line growth and deliver bottom line savings to our customers. These systems include argon recycle, helium recycle, cryogenic reactors, cryogenic freezers, LNG, solvent and specialty systems for the aerospace, pharmaceutical, energy and metals industries

Industrial Gas Recovery

Specialty metals manufacturers and large producers of crystalline silicon rely heavily on argon and helium for their processes. We offer systems that recover these gases and purify them for re-use in the existing process, while meeting or exceeding the same quality standards as the original gas.

  • alfa ARS - Argon recycle for the specialty metals and alloy industry
  • emat ARS - Argon recycle for the electronic materials industries, including solar and semiconductor
  • HeRS - Helium recycle for a variety of industries

Specialty Systems

AAI's core technical strength is precision temperature control, which we've extended this to a number of different applications across multiple industries.