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Arencibia Associates uses its innovative portfolio of process waste recovery and core production systems to support top line growth and deliver bottom line savings to our customers. These systems include argon recycle, helium recycle, cryogenic reactors, cryogenic freezers, LNG, solvent and specialty systems for the aerospace, pharmaceutical, energy and metals industries

Integrated Reactor Systems

AAI's low-temperature reactor systems carry out exothermic reactions down to -100C using cryogenic refrigerants. This reactor has been the key element in the production of Lipitor®, a statin-formulated cholesterol lowering drug with over $130 billion in lifetime sales. 

Four of AAI's 8000-liter class systems have achieved over 60 years of operation, with the oldest in service since 1996. 

These patented reactors can maintain thermal and mass uniformity and performance at any configuration and any batch size, eliminating your scale-up concerns. For example, our 8000-liter systems have produced higher reaction yields than customers' 1-liter laboratory scale reactors, as well as yields 5 times higher than those of a conventional low temperature reactor, with unparalleled product uniformity, chemical stability and low VOC emissions. We achieve this by maintaining bulk cooling rates of up to 2 C/min, along with tight axial and radial uniformity. The high cooling capacity allows strict control over high exotherms, whereby highly exothermic reactions can be maintained from -200C to +300C setpoints (with dual-range features). 

We have successfully installed sizes from small, pilot reactors to full-production reactors, all with equal gradient, uniformity and cooling rate performance. 

Vaccine Freezers

Our production-scale vaccine freezers provide controlled freezing of product canisters down to -80C. The system leverages our core cryogenic temperature control technology - as seen in our gas recovery plants - to maintain precise bath temperatures, even with large heat loads. 

Unlike systems that use liquid nitrogen coils to maintain bath temperatures, our system relies on a high-efficiency Temperature Control Unit to minimize nitrogen waste and provide even cooling to the bath fluid. 

The roller and drive system can be supplied as fixed or variable speed. Variable or fixed bath angles are also available.