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Arencibia Associates uses its innovative portfolio of process waste recovery and core production systems to support top line growth and deliver bottom line savings to our customers. These systems include argon recycle, helium recycle, cryogenic reactors, cryogenic freezers, LNG, solvent and specialty systems for the aerospace, pharmaceutical, energy and metals industries

Natural Gas/LNG/LFG

Based on AAI's cryogenic gas recycling plants and precision thermal control technology, we offer a number of unique process options for LNG peak shaving and distribution, landfill gas polygeneration and methane purification. 

This includes flare-less designs, integral power generation, purified CO2 byproducts and syngas generation. 


AAI has proven technology for converting mixed solvent waste to hydrogen, syngas and/or direct-to-power on the fractional MW scale. For large waste producers, these modules are multi-plexed to generate real site savings and multi-MW power generation.  

The current paradigm of solvent handling is to ask, What's the cheapest way to deal with spent waste solvents?  We ask a different question, How can we recover the most value from this stream? Let's look at the problem with a fresh set of eyes. 

Process industries typically handle organic waste in any combination of three ways: abatement of VOCs, recycling of useful solvents and/or disposal of waste solvents. These approaches all rely on costly steps.

Or proprietary technology takes a different approach. We focus on minimizing the waste disposal cost while simultaneously maximizing power generation from that stream. The result is double value.