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Arencibia Associates uses its innovative portfolio of process waste recovery and core production systems to support top line growth and deliver bottom line savings to our customers. These systems include argon recycle, helium recycle, cryogenic reactors, cryogenic freezers, LNG, solvent and specialty systems for the aerospace, pharmaceutical, energy and metals industries

Helium Recovery

Metals, aerospace, specialty components and industrial gas companies all use helium for its unique properties of inertness and thermal conductivity. But the world's supply is rapidly dwindling and prices are rising. Reduce your cost and supply risk by recycling it. Arencibia Associates has over 25 years of operating history in process helium recycling and purification.  

  • 40-80% Net helium cost reduction

  • >95% External supply risk reduction

  • Integrated with automatic backup and makeup

  • Continuous quality monitoring

  • Robust removal of air, halogens, particulates, moisture, CO2 and other contaminants