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Arencibia Associates uses its innovative portfolio of process waste recovery and core production systems to support top line growth and deliver bottom line savings to our customers. These systems include argon recycle, helium recycle, cryogenic reactors, cryogenic freezers, LNG, solvent and specialty systems for the aerospace, pharmaceutical, energy and metals industries

Arencibia Associates was founded in 1986 as one of the first products of Pennsylvania's Ben Franklin Technology Partnership, a high-tech business incubator program in collaboration with Lehigh University. From those initial roots, founder Jose P. Arencibia Jr. has guided the company on its mission of creating high-efficiency, environmentally-friendly and value-driven technology for industrial processes.

Today, Arencibia Associates develops and commercializes industrial-scale technology for increased core process efficiency and the recovery of wasted process resources. The focus is to provide economic benefit to the customer through operational cost reduction, best-in-class production capacity or both. The result is the simultaneous enhancement of environmental and financial performance. Resource recovery technologies include recycle and processing of argon, waste solvents and other industrial gases. Core production systems include high heat-flux reactors, specialized cryogenic systems and hydrocarbon processes. These technologies can be applied to a broad range of industries including specialty metals, electronic materials, pharmaceuticals & biotech, aerospace, automotive and energy. 

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